Ultherapy London UK with Ulthera HIFU

Ultherapy | London | UK | Ulthera | Ultrasounds Skin Tightening and Lifting

Ultherapy London, UK, with Ulthera is a dramatic skin tightening treatment using HIFU Ultra Focused Ultrasounds resulting in a natural soft face-lift with eyebrow lift and jawline lift as well as improvement of the appearance of wrinkles on neck and décolleté.
Ultherapy acts on the deep dermis and facial muscles, heating, contracting and Lifting Sagging Skin and Tissues.
It is indeed an excellent indication for moderate skin sagging.

Ultherapy helps you regain freshness and a more youthful appearance from your eyebrows to your decolletage.
It is also a good ageing prevention strategy for anyone approaching thirties.

The result is twofold.
This result is visible immediately after the session and becomes maximum three months later.

How do we make the difference?

Ultherapy in London with Dr Kacem is now possible almost exclusively!
In fact, solely few medical clinics are equipped with Ulthera device in London which is the only FDA-cleared machine delivering HIFU Ultra Focused Ultrasounds, ensuring a high safety and performance.
Many clinics propose Ultra Sounds treatment with other devices.

How does Ultherapy work?

In practice Ultherapy consists in delivering Ultra Focused Ultrasounds through the epidermis, crossing dermis throughout its thickness and depth and reaching muscles.
These HIFU ultra-focused ultrasound manage to win this depth to facial muscles.
Dermis and muscles are heated which causes their retraction and shrink, furthermore, this heat causes a strong stimulation of dermal fibroblasts resulting in Neo Collagen production which in turn enhances the initial dermal and muscle retraction.

With Ulthera these Ultra Focus Ultrasounds are coupled with an Ultrasound module allowing the aesthetic physician to see and identify with precision the areas to be treated during the treatment session.

Ultherapy cost and price London, UK

1 area                                                                     from £300

2 area                                                                     from £500