Soft Lift

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Soft Lift | London | Paris | Monaco | Fill and Lift with No Downtime

Soft Lift is a Facelift without Surgery, a Minimally Invasive Facelift, it is a Liquid Facelift appealing to face volume restoration utilising volumizing fillers such as Juvederm Voluma and/or Tissues repositioning using Silhouette Soft Threads.
No skin incision, no suture, no scar.

How do we make the difference?

Dr Kacem, specializing in Facial fillers and soft Botox since 2002, emphasizes meticulous identification and specific diagnosis of the occurrence of one or these four phenomena simultaneously;
namely: Loss of volumes, Sagging contours, Negative Facial expressions and Loss of skin elasticity;
to determine the most appropriate treatment approach without which it would be a mistake from the start and unsightly consequences although reversible, may be unavoidable.

-It is essential to have exceptional expertise which is not easy, to have experience and particularly acute artistic sense.

-It is indispensable to comprehend Face and Neck ageing and know exactly what to do.

-It is capital to appreciate Skin quality before any Lift treatment, if the skin is not healthy then treatment should address skin first.

The examination of the face must be necessarily in 3 dimensions, front, side and 3/4, otherwise, the appreciation, particularly for loss volumes, will be distorted.

Minimally Invasive Facelift may well appeal to 4 combined treatments if the loss issue is entangled with the sagging tissue, loss of elasticity and negative expressions!

I always warn my patients of the results they can expect, having established the treatment strategy, so there are no surprises.

This also allows me to see if there are unrealistic expectations and talk with the patient, to explain again what is the treatment and what is its purpose, before treating.

Injection technique is the main key, amoung multiple techniques utilising needle or canula, Bolus injections or Fanning, deep injections to the bone or sub cutaneous, Dr Kacem developed his own technique adapting it to each individual case, insisting on one major point: Take all the necessary time while injecting!

Are you a good candidate for Soft Lift?

You are a good candidate for Non-Surgical Soft Facelift if you notice that your cheeks and cheekbones are flat and lack curves and roundness, your lips are thinner or are turned inward, in this case, we restore lost volumes in order to have these curves characterizing a young face!

If you find that your contours are less pure, interrupted by grooves or folds, in this case, tissues retightening and repositioning will be given, it will appeal to Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, the result will be outstanding as sagging is moderate.

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