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Revolutionary FUE Hair Transplant with ultimate and advanced medical-surgical and technology in terms of Hair Transplant to date.
Indeed Soft FUE Hair Transplant with Choi implanter is a Hair Implant:

Without surgery
Without Strip
Without pain
Without Scars
Without Swelling
100% Natural Results and maximum hair density.

No any more Surgical Hair Transplant with strip extraction, unsightly scars on the scalp and large grafts with unsightly Results.

FUE hair transplant ultra fine we perform requires great skill, an artistic sense and an exceptional know-how, beyond the perfect knowledge of the technique itself.

FUE hair transplant involves removing follicular units of 1 to 4 hairs at the donor site represented by the Hippocratic crown and graft them on bald areas using an innovative instrument avoiding trauma and pain and realizing a natural graft without sutures, without scars and without risk of rejection.

Where do we collect hair in FUE Hair Implant?

Hair is taken from the Hippocratic crown, i.e, on the contours of the head, the hair in that area never fall.
Indeed baldness is genetically programmed, it is due to hair impregnation by a derivative of testosterone called DHT, which causes the fall of the hair, except those in the Hippocratic crown.

Why are there no rejection?

This is the hair of the same person which are extracted and reimplanted therefore there is no rejection. Hair once implanted in their new site continue to grow normally.

FUE Hair Transplant technique

Local anaesthesia and Extraction of follicular units (grafts) made from 1 to 4 hair from the donor area with a Micro Punch.

This Micro Punch is a hollow cylindrical tool with a diameter of 0.8 to 1 mm, it is placed around the visible portion of the follicular to extract then is pressed into the skull to release it and thanks to a rotational movement and a traction, the operator performs the delicate extraction of the follicular unit.

This extraction is done without trauma and leaves no scars at the donor area.
Follicular units having from 1 to 2 hairs are used to reconstruct the front line when the follicular units having 3 to 4 hairs serve to increase the capillary density above the skull.

Follicular units Injection in the bald areas.
CHOI pen injector, also called CHOI implanter is used to implant the follicular units.
CHOI pen injector is an instrument that revolutionized hair transplant!
Pen injector CHOI comprises a bevelled needle end with a lateral groove allowing the insertion of the follicular unit, propelled by a piston.

The follicular unit is placed in the needle of the CHOI pen injector, then gently injected into the recipient site, the doctor removes the needle after injection by depositing at the same time the follicular unit in the scalp.

The interest of FUE Hair Transplant with CHOI pen injector lies in the fact that CHOI implanter creates the reception site while depositing the follicular unit at the same time, unlike surgical Strip hair transplants and traditional FUE Hair Transplant where you have to incise the scalp of the receiving area with a scalpel before pushing the graft with a clamp.

Are you a good candidate for FUE Hair Transplant with Choi Injector?

A consultation will help define the patient’s expectations, the story of alopecia and its stage.

 Examination of the scalp, hair density of donor area per square centimetre, but also identification and counting of hair in the telogen phase (end of life) from the donor area.

Patient must understand and accept that it is about hair redistribution and that hair density it cannot be the same as before, sometimes depending on the hair density and capacity of the donor area, one receiving area may be preferred compared to another.
Hair transplantation is a medical procedure, however, it requires a keen artistic sense and grande dexterity from the physician or surgeon.

Fue Hair transplant cost prices

We use the latest-generation hair transplant, FUE and IFA Automated Hair Graft, without surgery, with no visible scar 10 days after surgery only.

This is the fastest hair transplant to date.

Up to 3000 hair in one sitting!

From 1800 euros.

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