Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation London

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation London | UK | No Implants No Skin Cutting

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation London is a Breast Enlargement using injections of your own Fat, without Breast Implants, without Skin cutting, without scars, with the shortest Breast Augmentation recovery.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation London is by far the most appropriate option in this regard.
Fat is first removed from the patient desired area, correcting a possible unsightly flaw, in most cases, hips, abdomen and outer thigh.
But any part of the body is potentially donor.

This fat is then immediately injected into each breast until the desired shape.
However, this volume cannot exceed two cups, which corresponds to 250 – 300 ml.

Breast Augmentation with Fat injections is a simple act, ambulatory, without an overnight hospital stay.
It is performed under local anaesthesia at the entry points a very fine cannula utilized to aspirate and graft fat, these entry points are made by very small incisions of the skin not exceeding 2 mm in width requiring no suture.

– No General Anesthesia.
– No Hospital Overnight Stay.
– No sutures.
– No scar.
– Very short downtime.
– Permanent and natural result!
– No Breast Implant look.

Where is fat taken from during Fat transfer?

Fat harvesting is the capital time of this procedure.
It is done by gentle suction, at very low pressure, assisted by a water jet thanks to Bodyjet and WAL technology.
By using this WAL Body jet German technology, liposuction becomes fast and simple.

This fat without having undergone any treatment is immediately injected into each breast.

Each breast is well sculpted until the desired cosmetic shape is obtained taking into account, of course, the volume of injected fat, which can not exceed a certain amount as predefined and explained to the patient during the consultation.
We limit ourselves to two cups  (250 – 300 ml).

How is fat taken during Fat Transfer?

Fat harvesting and grafting technique is the key to success of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.
Indeed, if fat is poorly taken or injected into the breast, fat grafting will fail.
This represents all the importance of skill and perfect knowledge of this technique.

Between expert hands and contrary to the myths disseminated here and there by uninformed media, 97% of Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer procedures give very satisfactory and permanent results.

After the end of the intervention, which lasts about an hour and thirty minutes, the patient leaves the clinic with a restraint during 3 days.

The result is natural and permanent.

How do we make the difference? Why your Fat Transfer with Us?

We are among the very few private clinics in London and the U.K. to use the best Devices to aspirate and harvest fat, we utilise WAL Liposuction to aspirate fat, indeed, we perform a Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction, without trauma, with low pressure, preserving fat cells and Stem Cells, thereby obtaining a better fat, ready to be injected into your breasts.

We offer Advanced and latest Stem Cells Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement procedure, Indeed, we enrich your fat once aspirated with your Stem Cells which reinforces Fat Grafting quality and lasting.

We perform Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation London for over 15 years.

Are you a good candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

You are a good candidate for an increase of the size of your breasts by injecting your own fat if you want to have up to two cups, namely 250 to 300 ml, and no more!

You are not a good candidate if you desire bigger breast i.e more than 2 cups.

How does the procedure take place in London?

A Free consultation is booked with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has more than 20 years of practice of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and specializes in Breast Augmentation and Buttocks Lift.

The procedure takes place in our private clinic with its own private operating theatre in Marylebone London or in Saint Mary Hospital London.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation cost and prices, London, UK

(Liposuction included)
From £3 000

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation abroad