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15 years of Fat Transfer Breast and Buttocks Augmentation internationally!

Why Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer instead of Implants?

The reasons are very simple!

Fat gives the breast volume and shape!
Adding fat into the breast to increase its volume and therefore embellish its shape is the most natural way, the simplest and most lasting.

In addition, Fat transfer Breast is performed without general anaesthesia, hospital overnight stay downtime!

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a Non-Surgical Procedure that consists in Aspirating Fat under Local Anesthesia from the patient desired area and immediately Grafting this fat into Breast, Face, hands or Buttocks.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer procedure takes about an hour and a half, the patient leaves the clinic immediately after with simply a restraint of the treated area.

Fat Transfer Breast Brussels! The details

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is the most demanding procedure that involves fat Transfer.

Fat harvesting is the capital time of this procedure necessitating a great knowledge and the right material because it is the sole way to extract fat cells and Stem cells from the Donner site and keep them alive until the transfer is completed to the breasts.

In our Clinics in Paris, London, Zurich and Munich, Fat is washed out from the donor site with a smooth water-jet, avoiding all physical and thermal traumatisms that would damage the cells, then, without any treatment or centrifugation, fat cells and stem cells are grafted with a very fine cannula of specific diameter, attention is taken into account to avoid grafting too much, allowing the Stem Cells to turn into Blood Cells and help blood supply towards the fat newly grafted which is essential to the success of the procedure.

Are you a good candidate for Fat Transfer Breast?

Considering Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation you are a good candidate if you want to add up to 2 cups size to your breast which is 250-300 ml.

Why Fat Transfer Breast in Brussels? 

Fat transfer Breast is undergone under local anaesthesia hence is safer!
Furthermore, since there are no expenses related to general anaesthesia, operating room and hospital overnight stay, the procedure offers better value for money.

Ever since, Dr Kacem is writing, telling and recommending Fat transfer Breast Augmentation to every woman candidate to Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation.

Dr Kacem has written his first article on fat transfer breast augmentation in 2009, right after his training in Berlin Germany, where he discovered that, far before 2009, in Germany, the medical body has clearly opted for Breast augmentation with fat injections and was highly recommending it to patients.

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