Brazilian Butt Lift

brazilian butt lift, London, Paris, Moscow, Monaco

Brazilian Butt Lift | London | Paris | Moscow | Monaco | Fat Transfer Buttocks

Brazilian Butt Lift London, UK, How to Lift Your Butt with Fat! affordable in Marylebone London.
20 years of experience of Fat Transfer Buttocks and Breast!

Fat Transfer Buttocks is the best and most natural option for youthful, prominent and sensual buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery London is performed either under general anaesthetic or under local anaesthetic with sedation.

. No skin cutting
. No scars
. No hospital overnight stay.

The procedure takes 1h30.
Your own fat is aspirated from your desired area and then grafted in your buttocks.

What is Fat Transfer Buttocks?

Brazil Butt Lift London, UK, is the most demanding procedure that involves Fat Transfer.

We offer most advanced Fat Transfer Buttocks London, indeed, all our Fat Transfer procedures are Stem Cell Fat Transfer, besides, we utilise the latest technology, the WAL technology, allowing gentle and high-performance fat harvesting and grafting.

Fat harvesting is the capital time of this procedure necessitating a great knowledge and the right material because it is the sole way to extract fat cells and Stem cells from the Donor site and keep them alive until the transfer is completed to breasts, hands, face or buttock.

In our Clinic fat cells are washed out from the donor site with a smooth water-jet, avoiding all physical and thermal traumatisms that would damage the cells, then, without any treatment or centrifugation, fat cells are enriched with stem cells and are grafted with a special cannula of specific diameter, attention is taken into account to avoid grafting too much, allowing the Stem Cells to turn into Blood Cells and help blood supply towards the fat newly grafted which is essential to success of procedure.

This stage consisting in enriching your fat cells, once aspirated, with your stem cells, reinforces the quality of fat graft and guarantees permanent results.

Why our Fat Transfer Buttocks London, UK, Paris, Abroad?

1.  First: Our Fat Transfer buttock is gentle and soft because aspiration of fat is performed with latest advanced devices allowing the procedure to be done under local anaesthesia without hospital stay avoiding risks and long recovery of general anaesthesia and immobilisation.

This soft suction of your fat permits, on the other hand, to preserve fat cells while aspirated from your body.

2.  Second: We do perform solely Stem Cells Fat Transfer Buttocks which is capital if considering long lasting results.

Brazil Butt Lift cost London, UK, Paris, Abroad
Fat Transfer Buttocks cost, prices, London, UK, Paris, Abroad.

From £4000.

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