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Micro Botox | London | Pores, Skin Texture | Anti Wrinkles Injections |

“Well-targeted Micro Botox injections can achieve skin pores tightening and soften the skin texture!
Micro Botox can also achieve an eyebrow lift, lip corners lift and jaw lift as well as smooth lines and wrinkles such as lip lines, necklines, crow’s feet line, frown lines and forehead line.

Botox helps to prevent the formation of tear troughs folds and platysma bands characterizing respectively eye and neck ageing.

Finally, Micro Botox treatment refines facial contours by slimming the lower face obtaining a more feminine oval shape.

How do we do to Make the Difference?

Micro Botox treatment is about to suppress or attenuate negative expressions and emotions such as sadness, fatigue, anger and sagginess.

I opt for Micro Botox and Baby Botox to always obtain subtle and natural results!
I inject Botox since 2002! in my first clinic dedicated to facial aesthetics in Paris”.

Botox injections take 15 to 30 minutes and the result lasts 4 to 6 months.

Botox injections are made with extremely fine needles and are rarely painful.
There are usually no bruises, the patient can immediately resume the normal course of the day.
No social downtime.

What is Botox?

Botox, Azzalure, Dysport, Xeomin and Vistabel are composed of a protein secreted by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum called Botulinum toxin.

How does Botox work?

Botox is the brand name most commonly used to designate botulinum toxin.
Botulinum toxin is used in Aesthetic Medicine at very small doses, in the form of highly targeted intramuscular injections in order to relax the muscle.
Relaxed muscle causes the deletion of the wrinkle which it is at the origin.

When do I see results and for how long?

Results are visible from 5 days to 15 days and last from 3 months to 6 months.

Micro Botox | Skin Pores and Texture

Oily skin appearance and large pores are dramatically ameliorated with Micro Botox in 1 session!
While Skin texture noticeably softens.

Micro Botox | Anti-wrinkles

Soft Botox injections correct and smooth wrinkles; forehead horizontal wrinkles, vertical lines between eyebrows commonly known as Lion wrinkles, wrinkles of the crow’s feet around eyes, bunny lines on the nose and vertical lines of the upper lip seen especially in smokers.

Micro Botox | Lift 

Botox injections Lift certain areas of the face; brows, corner of the mouth, oval and neck.

Micro Botox injections between eyebrows to correct frown lines combined with learned injections of the tail of the eyebrow lead to Forehead Lift, as is so that the forehead muscle is very slightly injected at specific points.
The result is very natural, without a frozen aspect, and the forehead is significantly lifted.

Botox injections into the tail of the eyebrow at a very precise spot lift the latter.

Botox injections into Depressor Angili Oris, DAO, the muscle located on each side of the labial commissure lift mouth corners.

Well-targeted Botox injections along the platysma muscle (neck muscle) may prevent the formation of low cheeks, partly due to the downward pull of the cheeks related to the activity of this muscle.

Micro Botox injections into the prominent masseter muscles (muscles of mastication) conferring a square shape to the lower face, refining facial contours.

Botox treatment for recall works by relaxing the muscle. But often, especially at the upper third of the face, muscles work in pairs, elevator and depressor.
It is therefore very important that this balance is maintained so that the aesthetic result is perfect.
Botox injections are reserved for highly trained physicians with a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of face and neck.


Botox | Folds

Micro Botox injections at very specific points for well-trained doctors prevent the formation of Tear Troughs and Marionette lines.
For recall, by preventing the formation of the Tear Troughs we prevent the formation of Under Eye Bags as well.

Botox | Neck Lines

Micro Botox injections effectively delay neck ageing.
Horizontal Neck wrinkles can be treated effectively with Botox injections.
A creased aspect of the neck can also be a good indication for Botox injections.

By injecting the strings of the platysma muscle (neck muscle) located between the chin and Adam’s apple, we can effectively prevent the formation of platysma bands commonly known as “turkey neck”.

Soft micro Botox here is injected superficially enough to prevent its spread to other non-target muscles.
A great experience is required by the Physician because of the particularity of this area and the risk of spread of product to other non-targeted muscles.

Botox treatment between expert hands is a very simple treatment Solving imperfections sometimes with important Psychological Impact!

Micro Botox injections cost and prices London

£250 to £350      Full Face treatment which includes lower face

£150                      1 or 2 areas

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