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The 8 point Facelift London | Skin Tightening | Liquid Lift |

8 point Facelift London, UK, is the simplest, the most precise and efficacious way to refresh, rejuvenate as well as to beautify a face with minimal downtime.
No anaesthesia
No skin cutting
No scars
No downtime.
The 8 point lift takes 45 min, results last over a year.

What is The 8 point Lift?

The 8 points Lift is a Facelift without surgery using hyaluronic acid filler injections such as Juvederm Voluma, injected with a very fine needle or a cannula, in-depth with contact with periosteum, in 8 points corresponding to specific keys areas of facial ageing.
The 8 point lift has been codified by Dr De Maio and adopted by Dr Kacem.

What are the benefits of the 8 points Lift?

Injections are done in very specific points and depth which allows a correction to the source of facial ageing, ie, the melting of the deep fat, also anatomical landmarks reduce unnecessary injections.

Are you a good candidate for the 8 points Lift

You are a good candidate if you present a moderate volume loss without significant skin excess without significant sagging skin.
You are also a good candidate if you want to contour and balance your face.

8 point lift cost and prices London

2 – 3 syringes are necessary
1 syringe from £250.

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Minimally invasive Facelift with spectacular results appealing according to the case to:
. Facial Fillers
. Baby Botox
. HIFU Ultrasounds Ultherapy
. Skin Tailored TCA Peels
. Threads

Face Assessment and Treatment Strategy
Our Facelift without Surgery is a Minimally Invasive Beautification and Anti-Ageing concept using:

Subtle Volume Replacement and Restoration with Soft latest facial Fillers if cheekbones, cheeks and lips have lost their curves and roundness due to fat loss using The 8 point lift technique and according to Phi Golden Ratio balancing facial Proportions and Harmony.

Attenuation or Suppression of negative expressions reflecting fatigue and sadness with Micro Baby Botox Injections targeting Depressor Muscles.

Skin Tightening with dramatic tailored Skin TCA Peels or HIFU Ultherapy Ultrasounds if a noticeable loss of elasticity.

– Tissues Repositioning thanks to Silhouette Soft Resorbable Thread Lift when we notice sagging contours affecting jaws and Ovale.

Dr Kacem, Paris and London based Leading Cosmetic Doctor since 2002, emphasizes meticulous face assessment and identification of the occurrence of one or these four phenomena namely:

Loss of volumes, Sagging contours, sad/tired appearance and Loss of elasticity.

How do we make the difference?
“To determine the most appropriate treatment approach without which unsightly aesthetic results although reversible may be unavoidable.

It is essential to particularly have an Eye for Beauty along with a good experience in facial injectables.
You have to understand ageing and know exactly what you do.

Face assessment must be done necessarily in 3 dimensions, front, side and 3/4, otherwise, appreciation of lost volumes will be distorted.
Minimally Invasive Facelift may well appeal to 4 combined treatments if volume loss is entangled with sagging tissue, loss of elasticity and negative expressions!” Dr Kacem.

I always warn my patients of the results they can expect, having established the treatment strategy, so there are no surprises.
This also allows me to see if there are unrealistic expectations and speak with a patient to explain again what is the treatment and what is its purpose, before treating.

Are you a good candidate for Facelift without Surgery London?
You are a good candidate for Non-Surgical Facelift if you notice that your cheeks and cheekbones are flat and lack curves and roundness, that your lips are thinner or are turned inward.
Here, we replace lost volumes in order to restore these curves characterizing a young face!

If negative expressions are very visible, afflicting you with a tired and sad face while you are happy and cheerful person, you are a candidate for Depressor Muscles weakening that pull-down your mouth corners and lips, digging nasolabial furrows and are the cause of your dark circles or of their aggravation, thanks to scholarly targeted Baby Micro Botox injections; the traction of these muscles is downwardly offset with positive expressions recovered.

You are finally a good candidate to our unique Dramatic Skin health restoration protocols as well as to Ultra focused Ultrasound of Ultherapy, latest generation tightening treatments if you suffer a loss of elasticity; tissues will be heated during undergoing the process with significant tissues contraction and new collagen production.

If you find that your contours are less pure, interrupted by grooves or folds, in this case, tissues retightening and repositioning will be given, it will appeal to Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, the result will be outstanding as sagging is moderate.Note that treatments can often be combined if face shows entangled signs of ageing.

How much cost and prices of our Non-surgical Facelift London, UK?
Depends on how many syringes of facial fillers are utilised and on skin restoration protocols.

filler                                                        From £250 per syringe.

Baby botox                                            From £250.

Thread                                                   From £500 per pair of thread.

Skin TCA Peel                                      From £300.

Facelift without Surgery | Details

Non-Surgical Facelift London | 8 Point Lift | Liquid Facelift.
Non-Surgical Facelift essentially uses Facial Fillers. Volumizing Fillers, composed of Hyaluronic Acid Gel.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel is Pure, Sterile, Bioidentical therefore Biocompatible and fully Resorbable.
Once injected Hyaluronic Acid lasts about 12 months to 18 months, up to 24 months, depending on its degree of reticulation.

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in the skin, it is thinner with age.
Hyaluronic Acid is very hygroscopic, ie it is able to absorb and retain a huge amount of water. This hygroscopic power of Hyaluronic Acid gives the skin a better hydration, therefore, better tone and elasticity.

Non-Surgical Facelift is performed with no incision, no sutures, therefore no scar.
Local anaesthesia is required only to the entry points of the thin cannula of 1 mm of diameter used to inject.
These entry points are invisible, immediately after the procedure.

Non-Surgical Facelift consists essentially in Restoring, not increasing, the volumes of the face.

Aging of the face is particularly marked by the loss of its volumes due to fat migration.
The Facial Rejuvenation is based on the restoration of these volumes.

Here, words have their weight.
We hear restoration of facial volumes, not augmentation.
We keep in mind what is the point: A Natural Result.

Facelift without surgery is done through the injection of Volumizing Hyaluronic Acid, i.e, a Hyaluronic Acid with high viscosity and elasticity which is placed in the subdermal tissue to replace lost volumes.

These include the Malar region, the Mid face or Cheeks, the Charpy pad located under the tail of the eyebrow and Temporal region.

Fillers Temporal Lift and Brow Lift
Is the key to Brow Lift.
Indeed, the temporal fat is the first fat to migrate followed by the brow-guard fat pad under the influence of contractions of Orbicularis Oculi muscle (eye Orbicular), secondarily accentuated by gravity.

The disappearance of this fat is characterized by the progressive lowering of the tail of the eyebrow, and harbinger characteristic of ageing. The temporal fat pad including the Charpy pad holds the tail of the eyebrow in a high position characteristic of youth face.

Fillers Malar Lift
is the key to any rejuvenation of the face.
Indeed, the malar region also called cheekbones is the mainstay of the face.

With age malar fat migrates under the effect of contractions of Orbicularis Oculi muscle (eye Orbicular muscle) towards the upper lip where it is stopped by the nasolabial groove creating on one side the nasolabial bead accentuating the nasolabial furrow and on the other the Tear Trough groove also called Medial Jugal groove, the later divides the cheek into two parts, which is the characterised sign of the descent of the Malar fat.

This Malar Fat migration is secondarily accentuated by gravity.

Later the nasolabial bead creates vertically First the ball of Bichat then the jowls under the effect of contractions exerted by Platysma muscle (Very large muscle covering the Neck and the lower part of the face) and Depressor Angili Oris muscle (DAO).
Formation of Jowls is accentuated secondarily by gravity.

Restoration of volumes of the malar region is an almost restoration of the youth of the face.
By Restoring volumes of the malar area, we restore the uniformity of the cheekbones and cheeks and harmony with the rest of the face.
Today we can utilise a very fine cannula of 1 mm in diameter.

We introduce the cannula profoundly contacting the periosteum (bone of the face), local anaesthesia only at the entry point.
There is no scar.
The use of this type of cannula has revolutionized facial contouring, avoiding all the blue and bruising associated with the use of needles, often synonymous with social downtime.

The process takes at most 45 minutes.
The result is immediate.
Restoration of facial volumes always gives a spectacular result! The face seems topspin. The patient is often incredulous.

Botox Forehead lift, Brow Lift, Mouth Corner Lift, London
Lift of upper tired of the face has been revolutionized by utilisation of Botox, which has simply replaced the surgical lift for this purpose.

Botox can be injected in the tail of the eyebrow, causing the increase of the latter. (chemical eyebrow)
Lifting effect of Botox on the tail of the eyebrow is complementary to the restoration of the volume occupied by the subcutaneous fat brow-guard.

Botox can also be injected into the triangular muscles called Depressor Angili Oris DAO, on each side of the labial commissure thereby lifting the corners of the mouth.

Botox can efficiently Lift the Oval of the face by injecting the Platysma muscle along the Mandible line. Indeed, thanks to multiple injections along the Platysma muscle, we can prevent the formation of low cheeks, partly due to the downward pull of the cheeks related to the activity of this muscle.

Botox also effectively delays the ageing neck by injecting horizontal neck wrinkles when they are already installed.

By injecting the strings of the platysma muscle, located between the chin and Adam’s apple, we can effectively prevent “turkey neck”
Botox here is injected superficially to prevent its spread to other non-target muscles.

Botox is injected into Masseter muscles to refine the facial contours when these Masseter muscles are prominent causing a square shape (Asian people).

Botox for recall works by relaxing the muscle. But often, especially at the top of the face,
muscles work in pairs, elevator and depressor.
It is therefore very important that this balance is maintained so that the aesthetic result is perfect.
Botox injections are reserved for highly trained physicians with a thorough knowledge of the anatomy
face and neck.

Face Thread Lift Silhouette Soft London
Thread Lift Silhouette Soft London is the latest generation Thread Lift offering solution of choice to Oval moderate sagging issues as well as moderate sagging of cheekbones, cheeks and Neck, if surgery is not considered and that the restoration of volumes associated with Botox injections are not sufficient.

Indeed, when sagging of skin and tissues affecting the lower face, cheekbones, oval and neck is visible but still moderate, Thread Lift Silhouette Soft finds its interest and full indication among other techniques of  Non-Surgical Facelift.
Thread Lift Silhouette Soft allow on one hand tissue repositioning and skin lifting, on the other elicits a strong neo-collagen production by fibroblasts.
Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is very simple, it is done under local anaesthesia only at entry and exit points, it takes only 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of Silhouette Soft threads set.
Silhouette Soft Threadlift gives immediate effect to the targeted area, the effect is maximum within 03 months of their installation and lasts about 03 years.

Silhouette Soft Threads are made of polylactic acid, totally absorbable and dotted with high stimulator power of Neo collagen synthesis.


thread lift silhouette soft london, uk

Ultherapy London
With Ulthera is a dramatic skin tightening treatment using HIFU Ultra Focused Ultrasounds resulting in a natural soft face-lift with eyebrow lift and jawline lift as well as improvement of the appearance of wrinkles on neck and décolleté.
Ultherapy acts on the deep dermis and facial muscles, heating, contracting and Lifting Sagging Skin and Tissues.
It is indeed an excellent indication for moderate skin sagging.

Ultherapy helps you regain freshness and a more youthful appearance from your eyebrows to your decolletage.
It is also a good ageing prevention strategy for anyone approaching thirties.

The result is twofold.
This result is visible immediately after the session and becomes maximum three months later.

TCA Skin Peels
Tailored TCA Skin Peels to put skin cells back at work!

Aesthetic Medicine Paris, London, in an overview

Eye wrinkles, skin wrinkles, face wrinkles, forehead wrinkles.
Muscular wrinkles particularly affect the upper part of the face, forehead, the central area, glabella and the outer part of the eye also known as crow’s feet.
The treatment of choice for this type of wrinkle is based on the injection of botulinum toxin ( Botox ), which reduces muscle mobility that is causing the wrinkle resulting in the erase of the later.
The treatment of this type of wrinkles will be renewed every six months.
Botox, Dysport, Vistabel, Azzalure, Boccoture, mean all the same product, Botulinum Toxin.
Suites are simple outside rarely blues at injection points.

Wrinkles affecting the perioral area (around the mouth) and the periorbital area (around the eyes) and finally the cheeks,
ideally, be treated by laser.
Laser finds all its letters of nobility in this indication. it is superior in terms of results to other techniques.
CO2 Fractional Laser is recommended for this indication.
CO2 Fractional Laser will, thanks to its powerful photothermal action smooth the surface and generate deep retraction, therefore
Wrinkles and skin surface irregularities erase, furthermore skin tightens providing highly dramatic rejuvenation.
The suites are made of redness and a kind of tanned skin, quickly followed by scabs all for 6 days.
Visible result a few weeks after treatment. However, the final result is obtained in 3 months.
New Hyaluronic acid arrived on the market for since few months, Belotero, it is specifically indicated for incipient wrinkles, the results are very promising. So far we could not inject hyaluronic acid in the superficial and middle dermis due to the ” blue ribbon ” effect, (Tyndall effect) and risk of irregularities.

Midface is essentially concerned.
Most often it is volume loss in the malar area (cheekbone), temples and the Valley of Tears (tear troughs).
This is manifested by the appearance of nasolabial hollows between the upper lip and nose, tear troughs and later appear
Bichat balls and a wheelbase of mandibule (low cheek).
The treatment is to restore the lost volume in the cheeks and temples.
HYALURONIC ACID is the treatment of choice, it is fully resorbable and biocompatible material.
HYALURONIC ACID treatment will be renewed every year.
HYALURONIC ACID exists under different names:
Suites are simple except for some blue for a few days.

Texture and Tonicity of Skin
here Mesoglow regains its indication. it consists of multiple punctures in the superficial dermis delivering vitamins and trace elements.
Biorevitalisation of skin is obtained. the skin is rejuvenated, radiance is constant and tonicity enhanced.
Some sessions 15 days apart are recommended.
The suites are simple, rare blue for a few days.

We can also make use of different peels for this indication.
The trichloroacetic acid, as the case may be used, it will result in peeling of the skin for a few days, to let appear a totally revitalized skin.
Glycolic acid can also be used, after some redness for a few hours, it gives way to a “Coup d’Ectat” for several weeks.

Ideally, an alternating combination of peeling and IPL (see section Lasers) give satisfactory results superior to those obtained by conventional dermatological treatments.

IPL is a light than a laser
A peel involves applying a fruit acid based substance on the face for a few minutes, in this case, we use glycolic acid.
redness for a few hours.

FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER is used, the scars will be erased by abrasing the skin while heating the dermis, making it up.
The suites are made of redness and scabs for 5 days.
Several sessions may be needed.

Inflammatory spots, the mask of pregnancy, hormonal spots … are dermal patches.
In this case dedicated prescription from a compounding, its application for two months and rigorous sun protection gives very good results.
Other spots, sun spots, age spots, freckles … can be treated by laser (see section Laser)


LASERS are very effective in these indications.
Spots should be superficial (epidermis) to favourably respond to this treatment.
As for the redness, whether it is from that couprosis, erythrosis of rosacea, spot wine or angioma, the results are satisfactory.
The suites are made of redness and scabs for a few days.
YAG Lasers, PULSED and Q SWITCHED Lasers are used in these indications.

Hair Removal Laser is the main and most frequent act in aesthetic medicine.
Hair removal laser is possible only if hair is black or dark.
all skin colour can be depilated with hair removal laser and all zones, provided that the hair is black.
This hair removal laser is permanent except occurrence of hormonal upheaval.
We use an ALEXANDRITE Laser, or Nd YAG Laser or DIODE, according to skin colour and thickness of the hair.

Tatoo Laser removal

All tattoos, black, blue, red and green can be erased.
Q SWITCHED LASER will be used.
The suites are simple.

The platelet-rich plasma is a technique recently applied in aesthetic medicine.
Your own platelet-rich plasma will be injected into your dermis, after that, it was previously isolated from blood cells by centrifugation.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

This procedure is described in here in order to inform.
This chapter is detailed in the section and Breast Augmentation with fat injection.
Breast augmentation is done by injecting your own fat, after that it is taken from an area of your choice.
Breast Augmentation here will be under local anaesthesia.
Hospitalization is not necessary.
The result is permanent and the look is natural.


This technique is described here only for the purpose of informing.
This chapter is detailed in the section Body Contouring.
Lipoaspiration under local anaesthesia and without hospitalization.
The water jet assisted liposuction is a recent technique. first water jet allows easy infiltration of the area, then he realizes a smooth and easy aspiration of fat.
The gesture is simple and effortless.

Some of these techniques are described here only for the purpose of informing.
see here

The G Spot: Injection with Hyaluronic Acid
The G Spot or Gräfenbergest point is actually a wide area at the front wall of the outer third of the vagina.
This area represented by the G Spot is literally the only area innervated of the vagina and therefore the G spot would be where the vaginal pleasure is maximum.
The G spot is thoroughly identified taking into account the individual variability.
Injections of the G Spot will be skillfully and delicately made.
Injections of the G Spot with Hyaluronic Acid increase its relief and its surface causing even more pleasurable sensation during intercourse or tactile stimulation.
Hyaluronic acid injected into the G Spot is the same as that used for filling wrinkles and restore facial volume.
It is a pure Hyaluronic Acid, sterile, biocompatible and biodegradable.
We utilise a weakly crosslinked hyaluronic acid, its life once injected is about 6 to 8 months.

Injections of the G Spot is performed with a very fine needle, local anaesthesia is not necessary given that Hyaluronic Acid is mixed during manufacture with a local anaesthetic.
Injections of the G Spot, therefore, takes place without pain and lasts 20 minutes.

Dr Kacem is a French Board Certified Cosmetic Doctor, specialised in facelift without surgery, ultherapy facelift, coolsculpting cryolipolysis, botox injections with natural results, hyaluronic injections with natural results, under eye bags treatment, acne scars Fraxel laser, thread facelift silhouette soft.

Dr Kacem is a pioneer in preventive aesthetic medicine.

Wrinkles Treatment with Lasers
Laser targeting Water
Continuous CO2 laser ( Derma type k)

Lasers CO2 target for the intracellular water.
Their application follows directly.
They are used wherever abrasion of the skin (dermis ) is needed, targeting water, they provide pure and simple evaporation cells.
These lasers are primarily used in the correction of Facial Wrinkles.

Abrading the dermis , wrinkles are erased dermal breaks are giving way to a new skin without wrinkles.
Indeed, after the abrasion of the skin, new skin replaces it in eight days.

They will be particularly useful to erase wrinkles around the mouth and around the eye.
These wrinkles are purely muscle -related muscle activity Orbicular of the Mouth and Eye.
The session takes place in 30 minutes, it requires local anaesthesia by applying a cream.
The treatment area is literally abraded.
The treated area is marked 8 days.
First, immediately after treatment, the treated area is red and hot. A few days later it turns brown, take it a dark brown, then scabs cover the treated area and stand slowly, these crusts are dead cells, necrotic tissue.
Finally, the scabs fall off and reveal new skin, pink.
During these eight days succeeding the treatment, it is recommended the application of appropriate ointment.
The skin should always stay well hydrated.
This newly installed pink skin, the house for a month, after which it takes a usual colour.
For several months, the explosion in the sun should be avoided.

CO2 Fractional Laser ( Fraxel Type)
This latest generation laser can do more or less the same job as his predecessor continuous CO2 laser, but in stages smoothly.

For abrasion lighter than that obtained by the Laser targeting water skin, continuous or fracrionné, and also meet other aesthetic prerogatives, we will use the peelings.
The Peels Peeling or allow sleazy medium abrasion of the dermis causing the easiest renewal of these cells, cell renewal is the basis of the youth and vitality of the skin.
This is visible in the form of an illuminated complexion and a very good-looking.
These peels use attenuated as glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid acids, they can and should be repeated over time to be effective and prolong their effectiveness.

Their combination in Mesolift View or Plasma lift View is highly recommended.

Veins and Lasers

LASERS targeting HEMOGLOBIN ( Oxyhemoglobin )
These lasers are used primarily for treating Varicose the Couprose the Erythrose and hemangiomas.
We have very good results in terms of treatment of spider veins serving the lower limbs.
The results are even more satisfactory than the Spider Veins are thin, purplish or reddish.
Because in this case, they are very superficial.

Hair Removal Lasers
Hair removal laser is the most effective, secure and simple way to slow down the growth of hair anywhere on the body or stop the growth of hair during many years.

K. Clinic’s Charter, quality of care and Haut de game products fully correspond to the spirit and expectations of Monaco clientele to whom we aspire to provide medical beautification and/or rejuvenation treatments, à la carte, ultra-individualized, timely, exalting natural features, without blue or swelling.

Monaco clientele can rely on private consultations with flexible and adaptable time and agreed on schedules in advance for convenience.

Here, only as perfect as possible and as natural as possible results are in sight and count.

Monaco clientele can count on a face and neck Botox injections and advanced Botox injections, highly targeted and customized respecting the individual variations of each and everyone, to treat or prevent, in perfect harmony with the individual functional anatomy, dynamic structures of the expression and the stationary structure represented by the bones of the skull.

Monaco clientele can count on imperceptible treatments.

Injections of fillers are also provided to Monaco clientele, fillers made of hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid injections are made by drop, without excess, with well-controlled protocols and techniques, avoiding blue and swelling and ensuring a slight profit and barely noticeable.

Face mesotherapy, mesobotox and special light peels are part of the treatments as well.